foodstopHarvest-time 2011 the Bridge / Churches Together in Guisborough launched FoodStop, our response to the increasingly challenging financial situation facing individuals in our community. Through the Bridge (and specifically through our Tuesday Sunnyfield coffee mornings and our Thursday Soup and Roll) we have been providing 3-day emergency food parcels to those who may find themselves in temporary financial difficulties. We are using a voucher system and are liaising with Social Services and other agencies. We have now added an extra day [Friday morning 10-12] for emergency packages before the weekend.

We are collecting non-perishable food items all year round. If you would like to donate any food or other items, our list is below:

All tins and packets: milk (UHT or powdered), sugar (500g), fruit juice cartons, soup, pasta sauces, tinned sponge puddings, tinned tomatoes, cereals, tinned rice puddings, tea bags / instant coffee (Fairtrade); instant mashed potato; rice / pasta; tinned meat / fish (in oil); tinned fruit, jam, biscuits / snack bars; baked beans, sweetcorn, tinned vegetables, tinned pulses (beans and lentils); fruit squash; porridge; (for children) jelly, Angel Delight, instant chocolate drinks. You can also donate some hygiene items (soap, toothbrush, toilet rolls, washing powder, razors, shower gel) which we will give out where there proves a need. Monetary donations would also be welcome: these will help to pay for other essentials as the need arises in individual circumstances.